We interviewed

Any Braso, Online Food Industry

What industry:

Online food industry, Food industry, Work for a tech company

What is your role?

Account advisor in Restaurant Success at GrubHub. My role is help restaurant to be successful in the platform and help them generate more money

Working now:

YES! A lot. What used to be a 7-day business process, we are trying to roll out to a 24-hour process.

What was your life like before?

It was a very social life. I was traveling a lot for work and leisure. I loved having dinner parties and people over. I am lucky because I live close to the office. I could walk to the office and what I miss most is walking to the office.

What is your life like now?

I am working from home and lot of work. I would say my challenge is trying to balance. It is quite dangerous working from home because you don’t know when to stop. I think you need to setup a routine. I am trying to setup a routine with breaks. When you are at the office you have people helping you, asking questions. I am trying to meditate to help me keep calm during this time.

What positive things have you taken away?

I love seeing people being creative. I think always us human beings are taking things for granted. Maybe this is an opportunity for us to think about our life and what really matters. We are all involved in a routine every day. This time is breaking all that. I think this is good. I love to write, so I am trying to write more. This is a time that is allowing me to write more and stay more with myself. In the end are our own best friends and that is very important to me, and sometimes when we have a crazy social life, we don’t always realize that. Now is a time to think about myself.

What worries you?

Of course, I am worried about my family and the people I love. I am worried about the economy and how the world is going to change. Is it going to change? I feel like I am inside an experiment and I don’t know how the results will be. My husband and I have a personal issue. He cannot process any kind of protein. It is worse than being vegan. Sometimes it is difficult for him to find food that he can eat even in the best of times. He has to take a medicine that we bring in from Spain. But now with the borders closed we are quite worried about it because we only have enough medicine for 1.5 months. It is not that easy to send medicine from Europe to USA. It is hard to find in the US.

Also I am from Spain. And things are not very good there. My closest family and friends are good. But I already know people who have lost their parents or grandparents. The hospitals are overcrowded. I worry.

What do you hope will happen after all this subsides?

I really hope that we will be able to normalize. We will be able to return to our routine. I want to be able to hug the people we care about and that we are not afraid of touching people. I hope that people learn something. Everyone’s lessons will be different, but I hope everyone walks away better even if it is not so obvious at first. And I will be on one of the first flights to Spain when it is safe.

Favorite food from your quarantine stash? My favorite food is Kaliflower restaurant
– it is a vegan restaurant and I love it. And a glass champagne gets me through the hard days.