We interviewed

Leo Latz, Non-profit Management

What industry:

Non-profit management and fundraising consulting

What is your role?

Senior partner at Latz and company

Working now:

YES! Some days are busier and if not busier than they have ever been. And other we are using this new found time to communicate better and make business development plans. We believe there is going to be an explosive of business when this is all over. In our business the needs never goes away. Americans have always responded very generously and quickly. Those people who have resources tend to be more generous after a crisis.

Giving USA has been tracking giving the past 50 years. In the last 40 years giving in real dollars has only gone done twice. Black Monday 1987 and Great Recession 08/09. While I believe this is the third time, in both those other cases giving recovered within a year and started increasing. Giving did not go down the year of 9/11, Dot Com, Persian Gulf war. We are the most giving country in the world.

What was your life like before?

March 19th was the first day I didn’t have any in person client meetings. I usually have at least 2-5 per day. This was after the St Paddys day celebrations. That is when I realized this is unlike anything before we had seen before. It went from having a huge number of in person meeting every week and ULCC members and seeing one of my 5 kids of my family…it all came to am immediate halt. I am a hugger and I am a handshaker. I tell my clients to go Nose to nose and eyes to eyes. And now we have neither and I wonder if we ever will.

What is your life like now?

For me it is a balance of optimism and our empathy for those who are suffering. It is hard, as a coach and consultant you draw so much energy from an audience and it is hard to draw that energy through a Zoom call. Now before every call I am doing a check in with people… on a scale of 1-10… how are feeling. It is important to me to understand what people are going through.

I have been impressed with the leadership of our mayor and governor… even if she reminds me of the worst nuns in my life.

What positive things have you taken away?

Live life in a moment. I am living with Attitude of gratitude.

I keep having the quote of “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift… that is why it is called a present.” I think people are going to be more grateful for dinner with friends… This is forcing everyone to innovate and be creative and to take a look at what is moving this.

What worries you?

What worries me is the amount of suffering and the number people have lost their jobs and the businesses that aren’t going to make it. Like everyone… I am worried about family and friends. The number one ehing I want for my family and friends is to be happy and healthy. I worry about sustaining my business through this crisis. I think the way we do business will forever be changed. Will we shake hands again? I think we will, but it will be a while. It is a classic a new normal. It won’t be like it was.

What do you hope will happen after all this subsides?

I hope and pray for a fast recovery both in terms of global health and global economy. I hope people don’t forget how special things are. And we don’t sweat the small stuff because it is all small stuff… be grateful for life’s simple pleasures. We have been taking a lot of things for granted, but nothing is given.

What food or drink from your quarantine stash?

This has brought comfort food to a whole new meaning for me. For the first time in my life I have made irish brown bread… warm out of the oven it is pretty darn good. Before this started I was staying away from Carbs and sugars and fat…. But now all bets are off.

Leo will be speaking this Friday at 9am on How to fundraise during and after a crisis. If you would like more information please contact Marne at marne@bumperlanes.com