We interviewed

Raul Jaimes, Hospitality Industry

What industry:


What is your role?

Lead bartender at Chicago Athletic Association and maker best drinks in Chicago

Working now:


Favorite food from your quarantine stash?

Ice cream- Ben and Jerry’s strawberry cheesecake. And I love my 25 year-old Calvados

What was your life like before?

A lot of work. A lot of researching, R&D, and Problem-solving.

What is your life like now?

It feels like Sunday every day for me. Sunday is the best. A day of chilling at home. Taking the dog out. For me this is like a vacation for me right now. My unemployment benefits make me feel secure. I prepared.

What positive things have you taken away?

Oh my god yes. Personal growth. Self-education. Family bonding. Rethinking what success means. Reminds me that success is maintaining a good marriage, being a great dad, and make sure my children think of me fondly. I have always felt that having great relationships with the people in my life because I think these things defy time and space. I want to be defined by love.

We are going through metamorphosis. We can start enriching ourselves. Things that we don’t normally have time to do, we’re doing. Now I have been getting back into literature and writing more poems. For me this is a blessing in disguise. I have more time to focus on my family.

What worries you?

We are worried because my youngest has common respiratory problems. We went to the facility to get her tested and it was a 3-hour wait. I don’t want to go into the Lion’s Den. My wife is in banking and still has to go into the office right now, She is not face-to-face, but I still worry about her when she leaves the house.

What do you hope will happen after all this subsides?

This is a life changing experience. I just hope people appreciate each other more.