About Us

We are wired differently

It’s what makes us different than the millions of other marketing and technology firms out there.

At the core of who we are

we believe that people can be extremely successful while maximizing their health and happiness. It’s not an “either/or” equation to solve. We’re not talking about striving for some mythical “50/50” work-life balance because that’s just plain unrealistic. No, we’re talking about being the best version of yourself that you can be at any given time.

How do we do that?

We see ourselves contributing to that overall mission by improving the marketing and technology pieces of your organization.

The best marketing plan, if it’s built upon a shaky foundation, isn’t going to get you anywhere. So we dig deeper to offer not just a menu of marketing-related services like website development and SEO but also diagnose where your talent base is hitting a wall or how your processes are experiencing a bottleneck.

We don’t just want to help your company grow but also help you become more efficient in the process. So if you’ve been stretched thin working over 70 hours a week, we’re deeply evaluating what technologies we can bring to the table that automate 20-30% of what you’re doing.

When these two sides of what we do come together, a funny thing happens: It calms everything down. You start to see more possibilities in marketing instead of more frustrating starts-and-stops to projects. Instead of viewing technology as the enemy, you view it as your new best friend to help you reach greater productivity.

This is how Bumper Lanes is partnering with companies to leave the comfort zone of the status quo behind and never look back.

Are you up for that?