We’ll Develop a comprehensive strategy that meets your specific needs and goals

The first step to improving your business is by implementing a better online marketing strategy that works best for you.


Pre-acquisition planning is essential to a successful business purchase.


Ensuring a smooth transition while improving your strategic approach.

Goto Market

Results-oriented strategies that has been proven effective today.

Analysis & Planning

Comprehensive assessments directly correlates to better strategic planning.

Fractional CMO

Delivers result by focusing on specific marketing area for overall improvement.


Fully understand the value of a company

Whether you are trying to maximize your company’s profit before a sale, analyze the competency of a company you are looking to buy, or want to understand your own company’s needs pre-merger, there are many things to consider for the brand and marketing.

Selling your business requires extensive planning and preparation.

Strategic Positioning

What sets your company apart? And how do we position in that in the marketplace to attract the right buyers? Companies not only understand the best of what they bring to the table, but also understand the gaps.

Pitch Deck Presentation

Every company needs a deck to explain their positioning in the marketplace. Revenue matters. Accounting matters. Succession planning matters. So does your culture, customer base and brand awareness. You cannot just read financial statements from slides, you have to tell a story, leave an impression, make an impact. A well thought out presentation will do that.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Your revenue shows your past successes, a marketing plan shows your future successes. Any buyer will want to see ongoing initiatives for sales, brand awareness, and strategy that helps your product and service standout.

A successful marketing plan builds confidence. Having a system in place for lead generation and growth is essential for continued success after the purchase.

Communication Strategy

How will you reassure your customers they have the same, or improved, service? What’s the best delivery to your staff so they feel valued and the best people don’t immediately pack up?

Every company has multiple assets and platforms that needs to be considered from websites social media, to newsletters and more. Employees need reassurance. Customers need transparency. The public needs thoughtful positioning. We will conduct messaging for all channels pre-sale and ensure communications go smoothly up through post-sale.

Client/Customer Interviews


How do you tell your employees that your company is changing and keep them motivated and excited, not scared for their jobs?


Informing the client about all the positive ways a merger will work to their favor. They will be worried about cost increases an d customer service, we need to set and manage their expectations.


We need to position ourselves as the experts in the space and why a merger and/or acquisition is best for everyone.

Buying a business requires a thorough and systematic assessment process.

Client/Customer Interviews

Numbers can only tell you so much about the health of a company. You need to understand the health of the relationships with the clients to have a full picture. A company might be bringing in good revenue, but if the customers are not happy it is only a matter of time that those contracts are lost along with the revenue.

In our interviews, we keep the real intention of the interview confidential. Understanding that it may not be in the best interest of the company or the potential investor if the clients knows the intent of buying before it is formalized.

As a former full-time journalist, we understand the best tactics to get the full story and there is so much more than asking good questions. We know when to leave an uncomfortable pause so they fill it in with more details. We watch for body language, listen for tone, and know the difference when to gently push and how to position a hard-hitting question. Location matters. In-person vs video vs phone matter. Time of day matters. But what matters the most is getting the absolute best information so any investor can make an informed decision.

Marketing & Business Analysis

Just what are you getting yourself into? What channels are the most effective and what are the conversion rates?What is their reputation?What types of marketing strategies have worked and failed in the past?

There are so many factors to consider when you are consider investing and we can break everything down from Google Analytics, social media engagement metrics and how current their digital and traditional collateral is. We do the deep diving so investors and buyers can have a full and complete picture.

Employee Surveys

Employee is important to know the people you may be working with the future. Are they happy? Engaged? Have a sense of purpose?In alignment with the current organization?

We survey and interview employees to understand employee satisfaction and company culture. Our process will identify the likelihood of losing key staff and consider how the current culture will blend with a new culture.


Rebuild. Restructure. Results.

Congratulations on your new company. Time to get back working on your company, your brand, now that the many meetings with the attorneys, accountants, HR are returning to a more normal pace.

Your strong company presence was what got you here, and now are a stronger and better version of yourself there are a lot of next steps.

A strategic approach

Now is a crucial period to establish your company culture, best practices, and successes. Doing it right at an early stage ensures you maximize your efforts on the bigger picture and your long term goals while preventing


Which name do you keep? Which has better market penetration? Do you merge the names? New name? Make a sub-brand?

There are many ways to handle a company’s name post-merger and acquisition. We work with you to understand name and brand value, and put together a transition plan to optimize the brand all parties have grown.


Maybe you are keeping the name, but everything else is changing. Now is the time to refresh and update to reflect the new culture and highlight the benefits of the company. Your logo and name touch over 100 points of your business from business cards to invoices to social media accounts. We worry about new branding is updated and professional.

Team Integration

Company culture merger and building automation between teams.

Customer Segmentation

With new customers and markets. We need to redefine and optimize who the clients are.

The Struggles of transition

Even with the best planning and intentions there are always blips post merger and acquisition. Integration is hard from culture to technology to customer and employee engagement there are many areas to consider once the deal is signed.

Avoid the brain drain – Listen and understand your top employees needs.

There is no such thing as over communication with employees, clients, or partners Integration can be slow (and costly). A clear strategy and effective prioritization is needed.

Poor sales assumption of the team’s ability post-sale can drastically change the successful outcome of a merger

Goto Market Strategy

Taking your marketing to the next level

Our Process

STEP 1: Marketing Analysis

What does the market look like?

  • Customer Needs
  • Markets & its dynamics
  • Company Capabilities
  • Landscapes

STEP 2: Market Selection

Whom do we go after and how?

  • Personas
  • Persona Selection
  • Segment Targeting

STEP 3: Marketing Mix

What do we sell? Where do we sell it?

  • Product
  • Price
  • Promotion/Advertising
  • Process

STEP 4: Customer Acquisition

How do we gain and retain customer?

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Evaluation
  • Commitment

Marketing Analysis & Planning

Assessment. Evaluation. Improvement.

Comprehensive assessments directly correlates to better strategic planning.

Strategy & Execution

Client Lifecycle

Engaging clients at the every stage

The client lifecycle and pipeline analysis covers the companies process for identifying a lead, qualifying/disqualifying that lead to become a prospect. Turning that prospect into a client and re-engaging that client after service is complete. Here is an overview of the ideal client lifecycle and company’s current client lifecycle.

Lead Acquisition

Awareness: Have realized and expressed symptoms of potential problems or opportunity.

  • Referral
  • Cold Call
  • Linked In Connection
  • Networking
  • Web form on website
  • Chat function on website
  • Sending Case study as necessary
  • Blog validation

Prospect Engagement

Evaluation: Have clearly defined and given a name to the problems or opportunity.

  • Meeting with client
  • Understand pain points
  • Proposal made
  • Quote project
  • Onboard clients

Client Experience

Experience: Have decided on the solution and are now executing.

  • Client onboarding
  • Advocate check-in
  • Surveys
  • Zendesk

Community Advocate

Post Experience: Have completed the experience and can provide feedback and support.

  • Ask for referrals
  • Advocate check-in
  • White Hand customer service

Fractional CMO

Segmented Marketing for specific needs.

A fractional marketing service that helps a business improve their online marketing while working on a specific areas you need to improve.


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