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Pitch Night 2023

November 6, 2023 | 6.00-7:30pm

Union League Club of Chicago
65 W Jackson Blvd Chicago, IL 60604 United States

Our Speakers



SpaceLogik helps tenants optimize their office and find new space without a broker, cutting real estate costs by 20% or more.

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SpaceLogik enables tenants to find office space without a traditional broker, eliminating conflicts of interest that are common to the industry and offering commission rebates of 75% on average.

SpaceLogik’s proprietary building database, which is free to users, not only provides transparency on how much space each tenant needs, but how much space is needed from building-to-building. Their patented building ER (efficiency ratio) exposes buildings that are either incorrectly measured or inefficient by design, while adjusting space needed for efficiently designed properties. In addition to their building database, SpaceLogik’s programming and efficiency tools further reduce space by identifying optimal space usage for any office size or industry, including post-Covid workplace environments. These tools have proven savings of 15% and more at McDonald’s, Aon, Aetna, HP, Kirkland Ellis, United Healthcare, and Wells Fargo.

Other tools on the platform, like an instant construction specification/pricing tool and an automated request-for-proposal and bidding interface, allow tenants to find new space without traditional middlemen and reduce space acquisition times from one year to four months.



Fusion Foods’ aims to cut America’s meat consumption in half with our product, DUO, a blend of ground beef and mushroom superfood.

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Fusion Foods’ mission is to cut America’s meat consumption in half. Our innovative product, DUO, blends 50% ground beef with 50% mushroom to help consumers reduce, but not eliminate, beef from their diets. Plant-based meat alternatives have yet to capture more than 2% of America’s beef market; it’s time to rethink how we consume meat to create a healthier, more sustainable food system.

DUO addresses common challenges with plant-based alternatives: we use simple, clean ingredients to produce a delicious, price-competitive product that’s healthier for consumers and better for the environment. We welcome support from advisors, mentors and investors as we work to launch, market and scale our product.



Centering on innovative personalization, Soundwave Hearing is revolutionizing OTC hearing aids with Sontro® OTC Hearing Aids and otoTune® app.

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Soundwave is transforming the OTC hearing aid market with our Sontro® OTC Hearing Aids and groundbreaking otoTune® app. This AI-powered app, clinically validated by Northwestern University Audiology, enables users to personalize their hearing aids from home, providing a customized solution in just 3 minutes. With intelligent frequency and intensity selection, users can fine-tune their hearing experience on iOS or Android devices. In addition, we offer the otoTune Assistant, a Hearing Care Clinic Service, which identifies potential candidates for OTC hearing aids in just minutes, enhancing revenue for independent pharmacies, drug retailers, physician offices, and audiology channels.

Our Sontro® OTC Hearing Aids, among the smallest and lightest in the market, feature 16 channels, Bluetooth, Wide Dynamic Range Compression, noise reduction, feedback suppression, automatic mode selection, and adaptive directionality, all supported by lifetime customer support. Soundwave’s innovative approach, driven by OTC hearing aids and data-driven product development, promises to revolutionize the hearing aid industry, delivering unparalleled performance and satisfaction to investors and users alike.



Hanahana Beauty: Clean, ethical skincare that empowers, featuring results-driven daily body and face products, beginning with ethically sourced Ghanaian shea butter

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Hanahana Beauty is a purpose-driven skincare and beauty brand committed to clean, sustainable practices that prioritize humanity. Our beauty approach is rooted in intention, recognizing that skincare is a form of self-care. We produce high-quality, results-driven body care products while championing sustainability and transparency across all aspects of our operation.

A key highlight is our ethical sourcing of raw shea butter from Tamale, Ghana. We tackle the living wage gap by paying shea producers 2x the standard asking price. Since our inception in 2017, Hanahana Beauty has achieved remarkable success, generating over $2 million in revenue. We’ve garnered a cult following, particularly for our hero product, shea body butters. With a 70% return customer rate and our recent partnership with Ulta Beauty, we are making a significant impact as a conscious, community-oriented skincare brand.



Solves the $600B worth of unused closet items, Outset is a 1-click solution to see, value, and liquidate your closet

Read More is an end-to-end asset management solution for the closet treating contemporary and luxury items like all other financial and alternative investments. is automated closet management technology that instantly captures and catalogs users’ existing wardrobe purchases in a centralized location.

Users can see, value, and access personalized insights on their realtime closet at their fingertips, without ever having to take a photo. allows users to resell in a fraction of the time by cross listing onto legacy resale platforms such as eBay and Poshmark.



ProvenAir Technologies has built a system for the aviation industry that digitizes maintenance records, analyzes, and dynamically generates historical timelines for parts.

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ProvenAir is a cloud based system that uses AI, next-gen OCR, and the world’s first automated algorithm to eliminate a manual, paper based process in the aviation industry. Many parts on aircraft are life limited. This means the parts, once they reach their life limit, can no longer be used on the aircraft. In order to prove that these parts are within their limits, proper maintenance and historical documentation needs to be verified to prove the provenance of the material.

This process of verification is a very manual, time consuming, and error prone process. ProvenAir solves this. ProvenAir was spun out of Air Spares Unlimited, an after market commercial landing gear supplier, in 2018. PAT has over 20 customers across airlines, repair stations, aircraft lessors, and parts suppliers. These customers use PAT to help speed their review, increase the quality of their information, and reduce the frustration in any transaction.